10 Christmas tree decor mistakes you may be making

Your Christmas tree may already be up or half-way there if you are a procrastinator like me. I think that a Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful sights but some décor mistakes really distract from its beauty. I’ve observed a lot of Christmas trees and did some research on what the professionals have to say and I wanted to share the most common mistakes that I’ve seen. This post is for artificial trees only.

1. Old Tree

When your tree looks like its been dieting for Carnival, it’s time to give it up. Trees drop needles when handled and it loses its lushness year after year. I’ve seen some trees where the metal trunk and branches are showing. An old tree looks sad and dull even though it’s fully decorated.


2. Tags on lights

Remove the tags from the Christmas tree lights so the cords will be easier to conceal.




3.  Light colored cords

Lights with green cords are easier to camouflage in a Christmas tree that white and silver cords.




4. Not shaping tree

Opening an artificial tree takes a lot of patience, energy and time. I usually take about three hours to open and shape my 6-foot tree. I don’t decorate it in one night as I like to live around the tree for a day so I can see the open spaces as I carry on with my daily routine. If the tree trunk is visible, or you can see big open spaces through the tree like the photo below, you haven’t shaped it properly. It is easier to start shaping the twigs closest to the trunk first and then work your way outwards to the tip.




5. Not enough lights

The rule of thumb is 100 mini lights for every foot of a medium lit tree and 200 mini lights per foot of a heavy lit tree. If you are using LED lights, which are brighter, the rule is 50 lights for every foot of a medium lit tree and 100 mini lights per foot of a heavy lit tree. Well lit trees like the photo below looks more beautiful.





6. Misplaced lights

Do not wrap the lights around the tree like a garland. Run the light strings along the inside of the tree branches to give the tree more depth. Weave in and out starting from the trunk and move outwards on the branch. When you reach the tip of the branch, wrap the light around it like this:

and then weave towards the trunk again to get to the other branch. With this method no cords will be visible on the surface of the tree.

7. Wrongly sized tree

My husband told me that our open floor is swallowing up our 6 foot tree and after research I agree with him. Professional designers recommend 7.5ft trees for ceilings that are 8-9ft high and 9ft trees for ceilings that are 10ft and more.

8. No colour scheme

Personally, I find a Christmas tree is more visually appealing when there is a colour scheme. This is purely a personal preference so you can tell me what you think but I think it looks a hot mess when it’s multi-coloured. I chose gold, burnt orange and red for my tree and only bought ornaments in those colours. It makes shopping for ornaments so much less overwhelming because it narrows down your buying choices.

Which tree below do you prefer?







9. No oversized ornaments

I’ve seen trees where all the ornaments are the same size and it looks so boring. A few oversized ornaments will pull together the tree as it creates visual appeal and allows the eyes to rest on different focal points in the tree.

Which of the two trees below looks better?







10. No texture

Don’t put only one finish of ornaments on the tree. Include matte, high-gloss, reflective, glitzy and coarse ornaments as well to create visual interest and balance. Rough ornaments like pinecones are great for adding texture to a tree.




Remember that decorating is art and based on personal expression and preference. I am scared of putting garlands or ribbon on my tree because I don’t know if I can drape it to my liking and I think it clutters the tree, so I just left out. So at the end of it do what you think is beautiful, and most importantly what makes you happy 🙂

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