How to make a Christmas wreath

I haven’t done a blog post lately because I was trying to recover from a massive flood that my family experienced about a month and a half ago. Although it was really traumatizing we are trying to put that disaster behind us and move forward with our lives and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

I think Christmas wreaths look really cheery and elegant and is a staple of Christmas décor. I went to price some ready-made wreaths and they are so expensive. Even the plain wreaths that need personalization are TT$150 and more! I decided to make my own and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

1. Get garland

I bought two plain green garlands because I wanted a big wreath. I paid TT$40 for each one.

2. Make circle

My husband twisted the two garlands into a circular shape.

3. Fluff out greenery

When he made it into a circular shape it lay flat so I beefed it up by pulling up the greenery pieces at an angle.

4. Wrap on lights

I wanted my wreath to have lights so I put a string of LED lights on it. This string of lights, along with my other decorations, was inundated in flood water and it still worked when I tried it. To maximize the lights I only weaved it in the front of the wreath. The back which will rest on the door did not get any lights.


Behind the wreath


Front of wreath


5. Choose theme and add flowers

I chose red and gold for my wreath theme because there are a lot of cheap décor that are of those colours. I love when a wreath has flowers. I bought a plastic bouquet from the shop for TT$25 and cut each flower and stuck it in the wreath.

6. Add fillers

I bought three fillers for TT$10 each and cut them up to form smaller bits so it can fill up the entire wreath. I stuck them into the plain parts between the flowers. I didn’t do it neatly. I literally stuck it into the greenery haphazardly. I chose two red fillers and one gold.


7. Add bow

You can make your own bow if you choose but I bought the biggest, cheapest one I could find in the store. I want to make a bigger more elaborate one because I think mine is too small and simple for my wreath. I will probably do that next year.

8. Add hanger

My husband drilled a hole for a hanger in the door and ran the extension cord for the lights.

9. Place wreath

Hang the wreath on the door and admire it with a glass of sorrel 🙂



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