How to make a canvas for painting

Art is a great way to add personality and style to your home. A piece of art should be something that you really love because you have to see it everyday. I am very particular of the things that I have in my home because I am trying to live with a few possessions, all of which must be functional and spark joy.  I have an idea of what mood I want to create in each room and art is an excellent medium that evokes feelings.

I feel as though Art should be custom made exactly to your liking as it is not easy to find a piece that is perfect for your space. For this reason I believe in custom making everything. I cannot stress enough the usefulness of Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas for home décor. I searched for “romantic bedroom” and the photo below really caught my eye:

I knew I wanted a piece of art similar to the one above so I went to look at canvases but they were so expensive and the big ones were not in stock. At that moment, I decided to make my own canvas.

1.Buy canvas material

I went to the Art store and bought the canvas material.

2. Buy wood and cut

I used a 1″x3″ piece of wood and cut it in four pieces for the rectangular frame.

3. Screw together

Using a screwdriver, screw the four pieces together to make the frame.

4. Stretch

When the frame is made, stretch the canvas and pin it to the back with a staple gun on the four sides. Make sure that the front is taut. Now your canvas is ready for painting.

Hiring young professionals is an excellent way to save money on services. A young artist painted my bedroom art piece for me at a discounted price.

Making your own canvas and getting your art custom made ensures that you have a piece that you love and cherish everyday.

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