20 ways to make your bedroom more romantic

For me, my bedroom serves three functions: sleep, dressing and romance.

I’ve always wanted my bedroom to be really personal and super romantic so I took some steps to make sure that it has that “love-nest” vibe.

1. Remove Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry looks and smells bad. It also reminds me that I have laundry to do which is not a thought that you want in your head if your are giving romance a chance in your bedroom. If you don’t have a laundry room you can put the basket in the bathroom. Whatever you do, don’t have it in the bedroom.

2. No office stuff

I don’t agree with having office or work stuff in the bedroom. I had a staple machine, printing paper etc. in the bedroom and it reminded me of work which is not conducive to romance. We built ourselves a small home office in a corner of a spare room that isn’t finished yet where I do my assignments, write, study, blog and print documents outside of the bedroom. Office stuff includes laptops and tablets.


3. A bold headboard

I think that a headboard adds romantic, visual appeal to a room. It also adds texture to the decor as it can be made out of a variety of materials. A strong headboard is good feng shui for your bedroom as well. We built a DIY headboard from ply board, sponge, buttons and fabric.  I will do another post on how we made it for our DIY bed.

4. Lock for Privacy

Get rid of potential distractions by making sure your door has a lock . Guaranteed privacy ensures that the focus is only on your partner. I took this from our honeymoon room to hang on our door in case we needed it in the future.

5. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are essential for a bedroom. They block out light and noise from the outside and it creates your own world in the bedroom. I put two blackout panels with two panels that light can enter through so that I can have some natural light without compromising my privacy.


6. Sensual Art

I really like the idea of sexy art in the bedroom as it has the ability to arouse emotions. I don’t think that family photos in the bedroom is a good idea at all. However, wedding or boudoir photos are acceptable. I had this painting done as it adds a touch of red to the room. Art Studios in Trinidad charge thousands of dollars and I had it done for a fraction of the cost. It’s acrylic on canvas and we mounted it ourselves.

7. Decorate in pairs

Try to decorate in pairs so that the room is balanced. We made two DIY matching nightstands and placed it on either side of the bed. I’m still deciding on how I’m going to style the nightstand but I added two small matching lamps as decor pieces (because we don’t read in bed) and I placed one functional piece on each nightstand next to it – a clock and a tissue box. See to make a DIY tissue box

8. Layer Lighting

Flourescent light is not sexy but it is better for seeing. On the other hand people look better under soft yellow light so it’s best to layer your lighting to get the best of everything. Lighting can be ambient, task or accent. Ambient lighting is general lights. We have recessed CFL bulbs for ambient lighting. Task lighting is for doing tasks like reading. We don’t do any tasks in the bedroom, but I’m going to install a vanity soon and I’ll need task lighting for make up application. Accent lighting is for highlighting something you want to see. We installed two LED lights that was angled to throw light on our painting. Lighting is a big deal when you are styling your house. I’ll do a post on choosing lights and doing a lighting plan.

This photo is without the flourescent  ambient lighting. It sets the mood for romance! The switch for the chandelier and accent lights is next to the bed so we can control it without getting out of bed.

9. Use warm colours

I pinned this palette years ago because my favorite color is brown. You can find lots of pallets on Pinterest. Opt for warm colours because they make you feel super cozy. My bedroom palette is chocolate brown, peanut butter, tan, gold and beige. The floor and ceiling is cherry brown.

10. Clean up

Nobody wants to be in a dirty room. Clean your room often and have a storage place for everything so clutter doesn’t end up in the bedroom. Absolutely nothing is stored in the open in my bedroom – only the key rack. If you have too much stuff, discard some or give away what you don’t need. Also, keep under your bed clear of storage as it is bad feng shui and can affect your energy. I’ll do another post on how I feng shui my home. I firmly believe it has an effect on my mood!

My newly cleared under-bed (bedroom moulding isn’t installed yet)

11. Chandelier

I like the romantic look of a chandelier at the foot off the bed. If you go into the lighting galleries and look at the prices of decent sized chandeliers you will scream. I opted for a chandelier that was a dated a few years ago and to me, it looks just like the 2017 models that I saw, plus it cost thousands of dollars less!

12. Add bling

You can coordinate your finishes so as to jazz up your room and make it glam and sexy. Gold was in my pallet so I chose gold door handles, draw pulls, downlighters, lamps, ceiling moulding and towel bar.

13. Rugs

Rugs feel great under your feet and they are a good way to add texture and color to your bedroom. I’m waiting till Christmas to buy for the sales because rugs are so expensive but I have these two small cheap ones in the meantime.

14. Don’t over pillow

I had a lot of pillows on the bed and it really annoyed my husband because he saw no point of it and before we slept we had to remove them.  I admit that it looks really nice but now since I’m moving towards functionalism and minimalism I only have two standard sized pillows for us to sleep with and I’m much happier.

Why do we need so many pillows?

15. Canopy

We have a homemade canopy exactly like this that we throw around the bed if we spot any mosquitoes. Is it weird that I find a mosquito net romantic? Anyways, it is white lace and it cascades down to form a four poster bed effect that locks us safe and sound away from the world.

16. Mirror 

I once read that full length mirrors are sexy because it allows you to see yourself which is stimulating. I’m not sure I agree but I’m including it because some persons love to see how they look before bed. Full length mirrors are expensive. We made our own with wood and glass from the shop. This reminds me that I have to varnish the frame.

17. Nice sheets

Ugh! I hate cheap sheets and towels. Invest in one expensive bedding set if you are on a budget. Wash it in the morning and by night it should be dry. I have a set similar to the photo below. I don’t know about thread count, brand, fabric etc but I have realised you get what you pay for when it comes to bedding. Not me and cheap sheets again! I’m fed up of sliding off the bed.

18. Allow only grown up stuff

I can’t see how stuffed animals etc. can be considered sexy. I had a lot that I’ve accumulated over the years and I gave most of them away to children. Also, if you have kids store their toys elsewhere. On that note, keep your adult “stuff” in your bedroom storage at arm’s reach when you need it šŸ˜‰

19. Create a scent

I’ve read that scented candles creates a romantic mood but we don’t like open flames. We wear perfume to bed instead.

20. Perfect Temperature

Acheiving the perfect temperature is really important to creating a romantic environment. We have insulation in the ceiling which makes the room an optimum temperature. If it gets too hot I’ll switch on the electric fan. We are still deciding if we want air conditioning although we wired the room for it. It’s expensive, really bad for the environment and a bit unnecessary for us.

Leave a reply and let me know how you make your bedroom romantic.

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