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How to pot a house plant

Tending to house plants is very new to me. My parents own a lot of plants so I grew up with them but I have never actually got down and dirty into gardening. I love plants and the health and beauty benefits that they provide in a home. However
now that I have my own house, I must take care of my own plants. I have four chinese evergreen plants growing in an old paint bucket and I wanted to separate them to make new plants to decorate indoors. I felt very apprehensive because I’ve never transplanted house plants before and I didn’t want to kill the plants. Here is how I potted the house plant:

1. Soak plant with water

Removing a plant from wet soil is much easier than removing a plant in dry soil. It’s rainy today so I didn’t have to do this step.

2. Make holes in pot

I used a knife and made three holes in the new plastic pot.

3. Squeeze old pot

Squeeze old pot to loosen the plant out of the pot.

4. Empty pot

Gently empty the pot contents on a work surface. I used the concrete floor outdoors. Leave the plant in the soil and separate the plants carefully. The roots may be a bit tangled so carefully untangle them with your fingers.

5. Place soil and plant

Take some of the old soil and place it in the new pot. I filled it about half way. Then I gently put the plant in the soil. I dug up some soil from my yard and placed it on top the original soil to fill up the pot a bit more. I pressed the soil down a bit to compact it.

6. Fertilise

I put a few beads of fertiliser in the pot because I am not sure about the quality of the soil I have in my yard.

7. Water

I watered the plant after fertilizing.

8. Place

I placed the plant in our newly constructed home office (in a saucer) to spruce it up a little. I hope it survives my transplanting endeavor. Fingers crossed.


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