How to make your stove top sparkle

This is possibly the worst chore that exists. I don’t look forward to cleaning my stove top hence the reason it’s often in a hot mess like the photo below. I have a black stove so every speck of dust shows on the surface.


When it gets ridiculously dirty I attempt to clean it. Here is how I get my stove top clean and sparkly:

1. Remove loose debris

I use a hand brush and a scoop to remove any loose food material on the stove top.


2. Remove stove grates

I remove the stove grates and place them in the sink to soak in hot, soapy water before scrubbing them clean.


 3. Spray vinegar & apply baking soda

I spray a generous amount of vinegar on the stove top and sprinkle baking soda on it as well. I leave it to rest about 15 minutes and they react creating a fizz. Take off the burners before though. I forgot to remove them here when I took the picture.


4. Wipe

I wipe off the scum using a sponge. That is the first wipe stroke I made and look how it’s removing the dirt already.

5. Apply dish washing paste

Some stubborn hardened grease will still be there but I find that dish washing paste breaks it down and makes it easier to remove.

6. Scrub

Scrub off the stubborn grease with the sponge vigorously. Don’t use a lot of water or you risk damaging the electrical ignition system. I use the wet sponge wrung dry and the paste.

7. Towel

I wipe the stove top with a towel to absorb the sudsy, dirty water. Rinse the towel occasionally in a basin of warm water and wring it dry to absorb as much dirty water as possible.

8. Polish

When I’m finished wiping off the dirty water with the towel I polish the stove with a chamois cloth. It really makes it clean-looking and sparkly! Replace the burners and stove grates after polishing.

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