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7 ways a girl can be minimalist

Despite popular belief some girls choose to have less stuff. If you are a young woman like myself, it is possible to be extremely happy with less clothes, make up, nail varnishes and other beauty products. When I got married I saw the opportunity to leave what I didn’t need in my old room at my parent’s house and I have been more at peace since the shift.

1. Determine handbag essentials

I chose to have one handbag. I never have to worry about storing and switching handbags! It’s genuine leather and I use it for work, travel and errands. I only have 9 items that are essential to me right now i.e my cell phone, keys, wallet (with cards, cash and one photo), a pen, a hairbrush, lotion, wipes, make up bag and painkillers. I occasionally have mints, hair pins and my sunglasses in there as well.

A look in my bag

2. Few nail varnishes

I used to own a lot of varnishes but I came to realise that having to choose the right color from my ten shades of blue will not make me look more attractive. I only have two warm-coloured nail varnishes that looks good with my skin tone, plus a base coat and a top coat. I feel so peaceful having to choose between the two when I’m doing my nails. Also, I keep my nails trimmed so they don’t need much maintenance.


All the nail varnishes that I own

3. Staple jewelry

I wear my wedding rings all the time and I put on a pair of pearls when I’m going out somewhere special. Sometimes I wear a chain to work when I feel like it! It makes dressing so much easier when you opt for your staple jewelry. I do not miss the indecisiveness of having to choose from 15 pairs of earrings.

Wedding rings are a staple

4. Own less clothes

I purged my wardrobe a while back and I couldn’t be happier. See 5 steps to purge your wardrobe. It is so much easier to find an outfit to go out because I know what I have and it is much easier to find! You end up wearing certain clothes more often than others and those are the only clothing that you should keep.


5. Less shoes

I own four pairs of shoes: a pair of dark brown ballet flats, a pair of tan ballet flats, a pair of black ballet flats and a beige pair of heels. I rotate the ballet flats for work and errands. I wear the heels when I go out if I’m in the mood. I also own a pair of sneakers for exercising and a pair of flip flops. In a conversation with two colleagues, male and female, they admitted that although they own many pairs of shoes they only wear about four pairs regularly. I gravitate towards my most comfortable, worn-in shoes so I like the fact that I only have to choose from the four I wear regularly.

The shoes that I own

6. Owning one product

I used to have tons of designer perfumes, different types of jewelry pieces, many articles of the same types of clothes and different shades of make up but I’ve learned to live with one. My make up bag is a good example of having one item at a time. I don’t have two of the same products in there at once.  I wait until one is finished and then I buy another. I have one foundation, one pressed powder, a neutral palette eye shadow that works for every outfit, a blush, a matte red lipstick, a black mascara and an old mascara to comb my eyebrows. My MAC blush is broken but I’m making do with it until it’s finished. My foundation and sponge needs replacing though.


7. Detach from physical things

I have trained myself not to have an attachment to physical objects. For example, if I receive a perfume as a gift and I have one in use or storage, I gratefully accept it and I appreciate the thought it brings. Afterwards, I will give it to someone who needs it or to someone who will not feel cluttered by its presence. When you detach from physical, unneeded objects in your life you give yourself the opportunity to attach to things that really matter 😉




9 thoughts on “7 ways a girl can be minimalist

  1. Love this! I’m slowly working my way to becoming a minimalist. My mom has a little bit of a hoarding problem and it’s definitely rubbed off on me so I’m trying to break it, lol! Have you read the book: The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo? It’s what I’m listening to when I clean. 🙂

  2. With the blush you can add some rubbing alcohol, mix it up and press it down. The alcohol will evaporate leaving the pallet good as new.

  3. great post! I tend to put away stuff for three months in bags..but not get rid of them. If after three months I don’t reach for them I will get rid of works well for me..I also tend to take inspiration from Marie Kondo..and ask if something sparks joy!🙂

  4. That’s great, but you say “When I got married I saw the opportunity to leave what I didn’t need in my old room at my parent’s house and I have been more at peace since the shift.” So what did your poor parents do with all the stuff you left behind? Are they storing it for you? If so, the burden was simply shifted.

    1. Well to be honest I only took what I needed and when I came in my new house I got rid of half of the stuff. So there is some stuff left in my old room but you gave me a good reminder to go over there and toss everything out!

  5. Love the ideas, I’m tending to lean on the minimalist side of life…working on getting rid of the clothes, and you know how we West Indians (Trinis) have a home clothes and out clothes mentality. Pray for me eh. lol!

  6. Oh gosh I’m the opposite lol I have a ton of jewelry, handbags and clothes. But I do try to purge stuff and give them away when I realize I hardly use them.

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