Breakfast Recipe #2 Waffle Hash browns

In the past I bought the McCain’s Hash browns but it tasted super processed and it is a bit expensive compared to a bag of potatoes. I enjoy hash browns and my husband and I are huge potato fans! Also, I like to take cheap and fast homemade foods and make it into different shapes so that it will look more presentable and delicious. See Make your simple food look fancy fast for more easy presentation tips. Before my hash browns, though tasty, were shaped like lumps of coal and until recently I’ve started to cook them in my waffle iron appliance.

This is one of the most popular breakfast dishes I make on weekends. Another recipe is Breakfast Recipe #1: Breakfast Quesadilla. The recipe takes me about 15 mins to prepare and the waffle iron cooks the hash brown without constant monitoring which is great because I can whip up eggs, bacon and coffee in the meantime. It is crispy on the outside and soft and perfectly cooked on the inside. Here is how I make crispy waffle-shaped hash browns:

1. Wash & Peel potatoes

Select three medium-sized potatoes if you are cooking for two like me. Wash the dirt off and peel their skins.


2. Grate

Grate the peeled potatoes so that they are shredded.


3. Squeeze

Squeeze the water from the potato in your hand and place it into a mixing bowl.


4. Season

There is no definite seasoning for hash-browns so you can use the items that are available. We Caribbean people are big on seasoning so I put salt, black pepper, cubed sweet pepper, cayenne pepper, fresh onion, freshly grated garlic, shadow beni and cilantro.


5. Pre-heat appliance/pan

I plugged in the waffle iron appliance and brushed some butter on the surface although it is non-stick. If you don’t have a waffle iron appliance you can cook in a frying pan on the stove.


6. Load

Load the seasoned potato shreds into the appliance and close the lid. The light on my appliance will turn green when the hash brown is cooked. I cook on medium temperature.


7. Monitor

When the indicator signals, raise the lid to check if the hash brown has cooked well.


8. Serve

I served with a few strips of bacon, a scrambled egg and ketchup. My husband appreciated this hash brown so much more than the lumpy, irregular shaped one ;D




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