Make your simple food look fancy fast

You’re lying on the couch browsing on Facebook what could be for hours, and your husband walks through the door. He sees you spread out comfortably, looks at the empty stovetop, looks at the clock and then back at you.


Blank stare

-“Orrrrr! Is dinner time!”

What is a girl to do? You have to whip up something fast and make sure it looks good too! These photos are foods that I make often. Here are my lazy wife tips for making simple, fast food fancy:

1.Use colour

If you want a fast meal that dazzles, incorporate a variety of colours in the dish. This meal is simply some potato wedges thrown into the toaster oven and a vegetable and chicken breast kebab. I looked in the pantry and fridge for some colourful stuff like yellow pineapple, brown mushrooms, orange carrots, green pimento and red sweet pepper, cut them in bite-sized pieces and stuck them through the skewer with the chicken breast pieces. I dabbed some BBQ sauce on the chicken breast for extra colour too.


2.Pretty plating

Sometimes pretty food is all in the plating. Invest in a white platter of a non-conventional plate shape and any food you put on it will look super fancy!


3. Use garnish

The spaghetti below would have looked super boring had I not sprinkled some parsley flakes on it. Grow some shadow beni in your backyard and pluck one out to put in his dinner plate. It will look super fancy!


4. Shape food differently

I find that shaping foods in non-conventional ways really makes it appear fancier. Hence the reason why we pay big money in a fancy restaurant for a chef to plate our rice in a bowl shape. Below is a photo of sardines and rice which I took about five minutes to prepare. I also make waffle-shaped hash browns and omelets as well. See Breakfast Recipe #2 Waffle Hash browns20170902_111121.jpg

5.Create height

Creating height with your food makes it appear fancier to me. This are two photos of Crix crackers, cheese and sausage. Which do you think looks fancier?



6. Include texture

I often toast a piece of bread with a thin layer of garlic butter for dinner. Below is a meal of steamed broccoli, chicken salad and garlic toast. Had I not included the bread, the entire meal would have been soft and mushy. Aim to have food of differing textures in your meal to add variety on the tongue.

20161230_193451 (1).jpg

7. Swirl and drizzle

I drizzled some caramel sauce on this ice cream and waffle to add some oomph. You can drizzle condiments on your food to add flare.


8. Layer food

Below is a simple breakfast I make when I run out of bread and I’m not in the mood to make roti. It’s a waffle with fried eggs and bacon arranged in a layer for the perfect bite!


9. Clean presentation

I don’t put a lot of food on a plate. Also, when I’m finished plating the food I take a napkin and wipe off any spills on the plate. The idea behind it is that a clean plate surrounding the food makes it appear more delicious as persons are more likely to savour a small, neat portion than a large, untidy one.


10. Serve

So yuh already givin’ the man Crix and cheese fuh dinner. Yuh bess go dig out de honeymoon lingerie from the box under the bed and give him the food in he hand with a cold drink or a hot cup of tea. Food is fancier and more special when it is served to you. Don’t you agree?


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