How we made a towel bar for less than TT$4

Sturdy towel bars are expensive. Here is how I saved money making my own towel bars for less than US$0.50:

1.Gather tools

We gathered our saw, sander, drill, screws, a piece of a wooden plank, a piece of ply wood, a ruler and tool that makes a circle. The wood needed for the project are small pieces so we did not need to buy any. The screws cost TT$0.25 a piece. We used scraps that were left behind from other projects. I bought a mop handle for TT$5 at the local hardware which gave me two towel bars.


2. Design bar sides

Using a pencil, draw the shape of the sides of the bar. Draw a circle so you will know where the bar will go.


3. Mark center

In the center of the circle you have drawn, drill a hole to mark as the center of the circle that is going to be carved out.


4. Carve circle

We have a tool to carve circles into the wood when we attach it to the drill.


5. Fit in bar

Fit in one end of the mop handle in the circle space.


6. Secure mop handle in circle groove

Drill the screw through the hole into the mop handle.


7. Screw on wall/door

We chose to screw our towels bars on our bathroom door.


8. Varnish

I realized that I preferred it unvarnished after I stained it.


9. Hang towels


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