5 design tips for an efficient kitchen

1. Plan

Before you create your kitchen you need to plan the layout. When I was planning my kitchen layout I used Microsoft Excel to map out my entire 15’x15′ kitchen to scale, so I would know the size of appliances and cupboards that I need to buy or make.


2. Make a work triangle

It is extremely important to make a triangular area to work in between the fridge, sink and stove because a poorly designed kitchen will leave you tired or frustrated after cooking. There should be no obstacles in the work triangle and each triangle side should be between 4 and 9 feet to avoid a cramped feeling or fatigue by walking to get from station to station.


3. Storage

Your kitchen layout should be designed with storage in mind because appliances and utensils can get in your way. In my kitchen I have an 8ft tall and 4.5ft wide pantry, cupboards in a U-shape plus an island with drawers and cupboard space. I have so much storage that decided that I did not want upper cupboards (at least not now) because I don’t have belongings to put in it.  I pack everything away because I like to see my counters clear and I hate visual clutter. You can find storage opportunities anywhere. My husband made these pot and pan holders just by putting a few screws on the inside of the cupboard doors. Ignore the stained pots and pans. I will do another post on how I find storage in my house.


4. Backsplash

A backsplash doesn’t only look beautiful but it really serves a purpose by protecting the wall from splashes of water, oil etc. which can discolour and damage it. It does not show dirt at all and it very easy to clean. All you have to do is  take a cloth and wipe it clean. I regret not having a backsplash behind my face basin in the bathroom because it is chore to wipe the spit splashes on the mirror and wall everyday. Eek!

20170727_194109 (1)

5. Adequate prep space

A layout that involves a generous amount of counter space makes food preparation so much easier. My counters are clear with only the dish drainer, microwave and toaster oven occupying space on them. For addition prep space I added a 5’x3′ island so I can prep within my work triangle. We made this island ourselves very cheaply. See How to make a cheap kitchen island







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