How to clean your sofa cheaply

This dirty couch is a source of great embarrassment to me.


I refuse to put a sheet on my couch as many people do because I didn’t spend a lot of money to lounge on a cotton spread. We eat on it whilst watching TV and my husband’s three year old niece comes over often so it gets its fair share of abuse. Here is how I clean my microfiber sofa:

1. Gather materials

I use vinegar in a spray bottle, a small towel and a hand brush because I don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

2. Brush dust off


Take the hand brush and brush off any heavy dust that is on the couch.

3. Spray

Do a quick spray of vinegar or rubbing alcohol on the couch.


4. Scrub

Take the towel and scrub out the dirty spots on the couch. Brown spots on the towel is evidence that the dirt is coming off.



5. Dry

Allow the couch to air dry or put a fan on it.

6. Brush to fluff

The couch will feel hard when dry. Take the hand brush and fluff it back to softness.

Step back and enjoy your clean sofas!







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