Cheap fast way to clean windows

My windows are so dirty that I pull the curtains when guests come over so they are hidden. Dirty windows are an eyesore as mine is here:


In the past, I cleaned my windows with dish wash detergent and water but it was a real pain because the suds took a lot of time to completely remove and I had to double wash the window which left me drenched after the chore. Here is a cheap, easier way to clean windows :

1. Gather materials

I use a cheap plastic spray bottle that I bought for TT $8.95, a sheet of newspaper, a hand brush and some vinegar.


2. Brush

Brush off dust or cobweb from the frame.


3. Spray

Firstly, I spray the vinegar on the glass.


4. Wait

Allow  30 seconds to act on the dirt


5. Wipe

Then, I take the newspaper and clean the windows from top to bottom  using long strokes. If there is a stubborn stain I use a circular motion to remove it and then go from the top and wipe down again till it is dry


When the vinegar streaks are off, step back and admire your sparkly clean windows. I took this photo through the glass so you can see how clean the windows are now. This took me all of 2 minutes!


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