How to make cheap window trim

Window trim adds visual interest to your window design. I have a 4’x4′ French casement window that I accessorized with two sheer, cream panels and two blackout, damask-print, burnt orange panels on a simple antique brass rod. However, I still found that the look seemed incomplete so I decided to add some window trim or moulding. Windows look plain and drab without them as seen in my window below:


I went to look at some trim and it is really expensive but very simple. Here is how I made my window look complete without spending lots of money:

Choose trim design

Pinterest is an awesome app for looking at ideas that you may like. I spend hours on Pinterest educating myself on cheap and easy stuff to improve my home. I like the minimalist look so I went for a simple design that involves a border and a header at the top.


Buy wood material

I went to the local hardware and bought some 1″ x 4″ pitch pine planks and 1″x3″ white pine planks. You can buy the smooth planks but they are more expensive. I bought the rough planks because we sand them ourselves.

Gather tools

You’ll need the wood, saw, ruler, pencil, sander or sandpaper, paint, paintbrush, screws, screwdriver and a measuring tape.



Measure the window and cut the wooden planks depending on the size of your window and your design.

Sand and clean

Smoothen the wood using the sander or sandpaper so it will look polished. Then, take a cloth and brush off any dust on the wood.


Screw pieces together

Join the pieces of wood for top and bottom using the screwdriver and a 2-inch screw.


Paint the wood with a colour of your choice. White is really nice colour for trim.


Mount on wall

Drill some holes in the wall around the window and push a wall plug into each hole. Then drill the screw through the wooden plank into the wall plug, pinning the trim on the wall. Repeat with the other three sides of the window.

Trim for this window would have cost $400 but I did this project for $115. I am really happy with how it turned out. I’m going to do all the doors and windows in the interior of my house 🙂





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