5 tips to wash dishes fast

Do you hate washing dishes? Washing dishes doesn’t have to be long and tedious. My husband says that I wash dishes at lightning speed and I have to admit that it’s true. Here is how I wash dishes fast:

1. Use dishwashing paste

I use dishwashing paste or ‘Axion’ as people like to call it. I find this much easier than using the dishwashing liquid or ‘Squeezy’ because you just dip your sponge and wash, whereas with the liquid you have to squeeze it on the sponge. Also, I don’t like to dilute the liquid in a kit of water because I think it finishes too quickly and it is very annoying to stop and break your rhythm to squeeze more liquid out. My sponge here is worn. I need to buy a need one.


2. Don’t put wares in sink

When you are finished with dirty wares do not put it in the sink. It is an extra chore to take the dirty wares out from the sink and put it on the counter to be washed. Do the dishwasher a favour and put your wares on the counter like the photo below!


3. Wash dishes in groups

Washing all of the same wares at once is much easier than washing them randomly. I normally wash all the glasses and cups first, then cutlery, followed by plates, pots and cooking ware because the glasses are normally the cleanest and the pots and cooking ware are the dirtiest.


All plates washed together

4. Get into a rhythm

Washing dishes is like a dance: a constant flow of movements.

a. First you put the cups in a sink of water to soak. You can use warm water if you like. I don’t use warm water because I try to save on electricity.


b. Uncover your dishwashing paste and make sure your dish rack or drying pad has space for the clean dishes.

c. Dip your sponge in the paste and scrape a bit off. Cover the surfaces of the cups and glasses and place them in the other sink.


d. Now that you have freed up the soaking area, place the cutlery to soak.


e. Whilst the cutlery is soaking, rinse the cups and glasses under the kitchen faucet on a low pressure. When all the suds have washed off, place it in the dish drainer rack.


f. Repeat these steps with cutlery, plates, pots, pans and cooking ware. I wash anything with curry or raw poultry last as I don’t want to dirty or contaminate the water.

Wash the dirtiest wares last

5. Wipe dishwashing area

Remember to wipe your counters, sink and faucet when you are finished to get a nice, sparkly look. I don’t have a sink with a pull-out faucet and I want to kick myself for not buying one! If you are doing a remodel or you are now building your kitchen and you can afford it, I highly recommend one like the photo below. It makes clean-up so much easier afterwards as you can just spray down the sink.


When your wares are dry you can pack them away or wipe them with a clean cloth if you have the time. Step back and admire your hard work 🙂



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