How to tile a floor

Tiling your house doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars when you do it yourself. My husband does all the tiling, however I wanted to try it myself and it’s not as hard as it looks. It is a lot of hard work though! Here’s how I tiled a piece of my floor:

1. Clean area

Sweep the area to be tiled. If there are any high spots take a screwdriver and dig them out or they will break the tile. You can see the high spots in this photo.


2. Gather materials

You will need tiles, thin set, a notched trowel, a flat-faced tool (trowel/ putty scraper), a drill with paddle mix attachment and tile spacers.


3. Mix thin set

Pour thin set powder into a bucket and add some water. Follow the instructions on the bag if you are unsure of how much water you need. Thin set is very difficult to mix if you don’t have a tool. In the past I used an old cake mixer to mix thin set but it gave out so my husband tied some wire to his drill to make a sort of paddle mixer for me.


4. Pour in area

When the thin set is like thick cake batter pour it from the bucket to the floor and spread it out with a flat-faced tool until it covers and area of the size of the tile.

5. Make lines

Take the notched trowel and make lines in the material


6. Place tile

Lift the tile with two hands and place the corner in the desired place that you want it. then, drop the tile carefully in the material. Press down with both hands gently to set the tile firmly in place on the same level with the others. You may have to rock it until it is the same level. Don’t push too hard at once in case you make it lower than the rest!

7. Stick spacers

Stick a spacer between the tiles so that all tiles will be evenly spaced. You now have an even space to put your grout. I have a post on How to grout your tiled floor as well.

8. Clean up

Clean up and remove the spacers only when the tiles have set or you risk moving them.

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