How to make a wooden tissue box

Tissue by your bedside is handy but a toilet paper roll on your night stand looks unsightly. Also, I find that Kleenex boxes are expensive and finish quickly. I use this idea on my work desk by stuffing a toilet paper roll in a used, cube-shaped Kleenex box but it’s not durable. Today I made a permanent tissue dispenser from ply board.

1. Gather materials

I used a pencil, measuring tape, one-inch screws, cordless drill, sander, jigsaw and ply wood.  If you don’t have access to power tools you can use a normal screwdriver, a saw and sandpaper.


2. Measure

First, I measured 5 6-inch squares the ply board using the pencil and measuring tape. I used the ruler to draw a straight line so the cut will be straight.


3. Cut the pieces of wood.

Initially, I was going to use the electric saw to cut the wood but I wasn’t handling it well because it’s heavy and I need practice. Thankfully, my husband gave me his jigsaw and it is so light and easy to use. I love it!

4. Screw pieces together

You can use a screwdriver or drill to form a box.


5. Drill hole

I measured the center point of the box and made a hole in the center. I used an attachment that cost $40 on the cordless drill to make the hole.


6. Sand

Sand the top in the circle and around the edges to smoothen any rough spots and wood splinters. You can put wood putty or gypsum paste to cover the screws if you like but I like the industrial look that the screws add to the box.

7. Wipe

Wipe the box with some cooking oil to remove any dust.


8. Varnish

Varnish the tissue box in a stain of your choice.


9. Place tissue in box

Put a toilet paper in the box from the bottom and rest it on a flat surface. Pull the paper through the hole and leave some out so it can tear easily when needed. Foolproof.


I also made a spice rack and a napkin and toothpick holder using the same principles 🙂



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