4 easy steps to clean your stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel, despite its name, is not stainless. We have a door in door fridge without traditional handles so our greasy fingerprints often decorate the surface of the fridge as seen below. When is gets dirty, I take a few steps to clean it safely and cheaply.

1. Gather cleaning materials

I use white vinegar, some cotton balls and a Chamois leather. You can use cotton pads in place of the cotton balls as well.


2. Apply Vinegar

Inspect the stainless steel for the direction of the grain. If you look closely you will see lines in the stainless steel. They run either horizontally or vertically. Soak a cotton ball thoroughly so it would not leave any lint and lightly wipe the steel in the direction of the grain or lines. Do the entire width or length of the appliance so you will not miss spots. The vinegar will remain on the appliance.

3. Wipe appliance

Replace wet cotton balls as soon as they become dirty. If you drag a dirty cotton ball on the surface of your appliance the dust particles can scratch it! This is the reason why I don’t use a cloth. I find the cotton balls gentler and easy to dispose.

4. Dry appliance

Rinse your chamois leather so there would not be any dust particles left on it. Wring the water out of the chamois leather so that it will be absorbent. Wipe the vinegar off in the direction of the lines or grain. You can see that the grain in my appliance runs horizontally from the picture below. Wipe the entire width or length of the appliance so the look will be uniformed. If there are a few stubborn spots you can take the chamois and lightly scrub the area until the spot is removed. The chamois works great as it does not leave water marks.

5. Admire work

Step back and admire your clean appliance.

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