How to grout your tiled floor

1. Locate tiled floor

Firstly, you must have a tiled floor. My husband tiled this floor months ago and it was my job to grout it. However, I was a bit lazy and I have now decided to get the job done. Dust is between the tiles so I had to sweep it out and then mop the floor before I got started.


2. Gather materials

Secondly, you must have grout in a colour that matches the tile. I have a warm, wooden floor tile so I chose a terracotta colored grout. You can use a basin/bucket with water, washcloth and a flat-sided tool which you can get in the hardware. Also, I mixed my grout on a wooden slate.


3. Mix Grout

Thirdly, you must mix the grout powder with water. I used just a handful at a time because I like to clean up as I go along. If you have a helper with you that cleans up right after you lay the grout, you can mix more. Mix with sprinkles of water using the tool until it has a smooth consistency like cake batter.


4. Apply Grout

Next, scrape the tool against the grout mixture at an angle and then press into the spaces between the tile. Take the edge of the tool and smoothen the grout so that it is the same level as the tiles on either side of the grout line. I don’t clean up after I do a grout line as I find that breaks my work rhythm and I’m afraid that I dig out the grout that I have just pressed. Instead I finish the grout on my plank and then return to clean it afterwards.


5. Clean tile

After you have done as much tiles as you can with the grout you have mixed, you must clean up the excess grout on the tile. By this time it would set a little so it is safe to start cleaning up around the grout line. Use the washcloth and the basin of water for this step. Wipe the area parallel to the grout lines. Be sure to rinse the cloth in the water often so you get a clean wipe.


6. Repeat

Repeat steps 3-5 until you have finished the area you want to cover.

7. Wipe haze

The grout leaves a haze around the tile so you must use the washcloth and wipe the tiles around the grout line several times until it is completely clean. Be sure to change the water often. It will get dirty quickly as mine is here.


8. Wipe tile

When the grout has set completely it will be hard. You can give it a final wipe.

9. Admire work

Step back and admire your hard work.


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